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Lispy Doobiko

About The Emcee

Since 1976
About The Emcee

At the poolside barbecue, you've got two best bets for the boombox. The first is Will Smith's "Summertime" and the second is anything by Lispy Doobiko. With big, bouncy beats, a retro-fresh velveteen delivery, and Corona-with-lime instrumentals, this is all the cool you need on a hot afternoon.

When it comes to underground Hip-Hop, Lispy rules all levels. His high end voice matches his unique delivery. Founded by well known artist Lootchiano in the early 90's, Lispy has been hiding down low, creating a mysterious vibe!

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What People Think About Lispy's Music
"Lispy, sounding good, mayne. y'all got killer mixes on your vocals, But y'all are still spittin fire. This shyt is tight. Lispy, you got nice style. Man, y'all carry this shyt nice".
"This song is fuckin sick...Beat, Lyrics...Everything is on point".
"You always rock these beats well, Verses are sick, Dope lyircs, Calm feel to it, Feelin the hook a lot, Nice singing damn...Nice mutlis in 3rd verse, Overall this was hot man".
"Good quality, nice multis to both...Flow was good...Hook was pretty good".
"The song was dope, I was definetely feeling the beat. Very professional, and good quality".
"I really liked this...The hook was nice and the quality was great".

This is all the cool you need on a hot afternoon.